Cask 5 & 22 Years Deep (Julian's Birthday)

This Saturday join us and celebrate Cask 5 & Julian’s birthday with 22 beers on tap and cask. Beers start at 5pm. Dj’s at 10pm.

On Tap

1. House Ales “Last Call In Kreuzberg” (Berliner Weiss)

2. House Ales “Eastside IPA” (American IPA)

3. House Ales “Dirty Blond” (Belgian Pale Ale)

4. House Ales X 22 Years Deep “Hard In The Paint” (Raspberry Sour)

5. House Ales Fermium (Double Black IPA)  

6. House Ales X Hip Hops “Tu-Hop” (Westcoast Pale Ale)

7. House Ales “Westside 213” (American IPA)

8. House Ales X Flying Monkey’s Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout     

9. House Ales X Amsterdam “Night Train” (Belgian Brown Ale w/Berries)

10. Amsterdam X 22 Years Deep “1LOVE” (Belgian Citra SMASH)

11. House Ales “Sickly Sour” w/ Wild Berries*

12. Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel (Imperial Coffee Stout)

13. Amsterdam X Great Lakes “Maverick & Gose”   

Casks - Hand Pull

14. House Ales “Table 7” (Volo Table Beer)

15. House Ales Fermium (Double Black IPA)

Cask 5 - Gravity

16. House Ales Punter’s Gold (American Golden Ale)

17. House Ales X Hip Hops “RUN ESB” (Black Extra Special Bitter)

18. House Ales X Hip Hops “NOTORIOUS I.P.A.” (American IPA)

19. House Ales Westside 213 IPA (American IPA)

20. House  Ales X Benelux Voluxious (American Pale Ale)

Special Limited Bottles

21. House Ales Wild Style 101 

22. House Ales “Gangsters Para-Weiss"