Péche Day
to Feb 28

Péche Day

On Saturday, February 27th, 2016 our good friends Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel! will be celebrating “Péche Day” at 26 bars across the world (full list here) with 6 varieties of their Péche Mortel Imperial Coffee Stout on tap at each location. In light of this celebration, Bar Volo will be tapping an additional 26 kegs of porters and stouts from regional breweries. This will include a limited amount of special bottles from our cellar. Full line up will run on Saturday and on Sunday the following day. Full List Here 

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New Years Eve 2016
to Jan 1

New Years Eve 2016

Celebrate NYE with Bar Volo on Thursday, December 31st. No admission, no dress code, no tickets just good times and good booze. Open until 2am. All advertised items below are subject to change and availability. We will be opening bottles (sample size pours) from our cellar every hour leading up to midnight starting at 5pm. Check out the full tap and bottle list here:

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Cask Days 2015
to Oct 25

Cask Days 2015

Once tapped, cask beer only has a few days to be consumed in its prime state of freshness. We call these days, Cask Days.

The 11th Annual Cask Days Cask-Conditioned Beer Festival returns to Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, Ontario. The festival will offer more than 300 beers and ciders served on cask across 3 days with over 8000 attendees. Cask Days celebrates the love for cask ale: unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally carbonated beer that is served direct from a cask barrel.

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GLB Crashes Ralph's Place
to Aug 23

GLB Crashes Ralph's Place

We are excited to announce our next big event of the summer “GLB Crashes Ralph’s Place”: featuring 33 beers on tap and cask from Great Lakes Brewery. Event runs from 12pm-2am. No admission or advanced tickets will be sold. From the brewery:

“Fresh off our huge tap takeover in Halifax at Bar Stillwell, we are thrilled to announce that we are set to crash barVolo on Saturday August 22 with an astounding 32 beers! Our brewer, Mike Lackey, has been busy this spring/summer brewing with a number of our friends in the industry to bring you a dizzying array of styles that run the gamut. From our award-winning Pale Ales and IPAs to Saisons, Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts, Grisettes, unfiltered Lagers, a Berliner Weisse and more, we believe that this specially curated line-up has a beer suited for all drinkers.Collaboration beers with the following breweries and bars will be available during the takeover - barVolo, Amsterdam, Bellwoods, Indie Ale House, Microbrasserie Dunham (QC), Microbrasserie Benelux (QC), Bar Hop Bar, St. John's Wort (beer writer), Northwinds Brewhouse, Garrison Brewing (NS), Luc "Bim" Lafontaine, Community Beer Works (NY, USA) and Short Finger Brewing.

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Brasserie Dunham
2:00 PM14:00

Brasserie Dunham

Join us and Brasserie Dunham (Dunham, Quebec) on Saturday, July 25th from 12:00pm-2:00am. We will be serving 26 beers on draught and cask along side a hand full of specialty barrel aged bottles. Brewmaster Eloi Deit will be present. There will be no door admission or advanced tickets sold. Regular food menu will be available. The following beers will be served:


1. Dunham Assemblage No 1. (Sour Beer Blend)
2. Dunham Saison Réserve ( Wine Barrel Aged Saison / Ipa Blend W. Brett)
3. Dunham Petite Mort (R.I.S. Aged In Armagnac, Cognac & Brandy Barrels)  
4. Dunham Deze Monnik Is Dronken (Quadrupel W. Figs Aged In Chianti Barrels-Sangiovese Grapes)
5. Dunham Cyclope Alpha IPA (American IPA)
6. Dunham Cyclope Beta IPA (Equinox & Amarillo)
7. Dunham Saison Fleurs (Honey Saison w. Elderflowers)
8. Dunham Saison Rustique (Belgian Saison)
9. Dunham Propolis  (Honey Saison w. Lemon Zest)
10.Dunham Berliner Melon Weiss (Berliner Weisse w. Huëll Melon Hops)
11.Dunham American Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
12.Dunham Imperial Black IPA (Imperial Black Ipa)
13.Dunham Lapatt Porter (Robust Hoppy Porter)
14.Dunham Saison Du Pinacle  (Hoppy Saison)
15.Dunham Leo’s Breakfast IPA (IPA W. Guava & Earl Grey Tea)
16.Dunham Berliner Mango Weisse (Berliner Weisse W. Mangos)
17.Dunham Assemblage Hors-Série #2 (Details TBA)
18. Dunham Cyclope Beta (American IPA)
19. Dunham Saison Rustique (Barrel Aged Saison)
20. Dunham Assemblage Hors-Serie #2 (Details TBA)
21. Dunahm Topicalia (IPA Fermented w. Brett & Fruit) Cask
22. Dunham Leo’s Early Breakfast Ipa (Dry Hopped IPA) Cask
23. Dunham Cyclope Beta Ipa (Dry-Hopped w. Equinox ) Cask
24. Dunham Lapatt Porter (W. Chilie Morita & Vanilla Beans) Cask
25. Dunham Orange De Dunham (Flanders Red) Cask
26. Dunham Double Dose Sauternes (Barrel Aged) Cask


27. Dunham Assemblage No.4 (Sour Beer Blend)
28. Dunham Assemblage Hors-Série No.1 (Barrel Aged Sour Blend Of 4 Beers)
29. Dunham Saison Du Pinacle Réserve (Wine Barrel Aged Saison)
30. Dunham Saison Réserve  (Blend Of 80% Saison Rustique And 20% Leo’s Aged In Red Wine Barrels w. Brett)
31. Dunham Tango In Jerez (Blend Of Triple Xxx & Gouden Meyer Aged In Sherry Barrels)                                                        
32. Dunham Porter Coco Chipotle Bourbon (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coco Chipotle Porter)        
33. Dunham Porter Coco Chipotle (Chocolate Porter)
34. Dunham Supermoine No 3 (Quad With Figs Aged In Chianti Barrels-Sangiovese Grapes)
35. Dunham Rye Esb Brett Trois (Rye ESB w. Brett)
36. Dunham Imperial Black IPA (Tequila Barrel Aged)            
37. Dunham Stout Imperiale Russe (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

All beers are subject to change and availability. 

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